Floating world.

The new Floating Moon Earring by Sehti Na is such a cool, elegant piece, for all you cool, elegant kittens.


Gathering roses.

New on our shelves: a luscious, rose-drenched new body cream. I've been testing it for a month or so, balancing it with a more commercial lotion because I love it so much, I want it to last and last and last.

Sangre de Fruta Rose no 1 Botanical Body Cream (cruelty-free, small-batch made, botanically-based) 


Dear Los Angeles...

Dear Los Angeles,

We think you are so wonderful! Your sunshine and flora make us extremely happy, and we could not be more delighted to be visiting you this month. Our store in Culver City’s Platform is filled with our favorite jewelry & other fun things including a very special selection of vintage clothing we co-curated with A Current Affair!
We’ve also planned a few events throughout the month, like a book swap with Girls At the Library this Sunday, April 9th. Hope you can make it, we would love to see you!

Be sure to check out all of the details for Catbird Visits LA here!

Lots of love,
The Catbird Team

P.S. You can RSVP for the book swap by emailing events@catbirdnyc.com


A dusting of silver makes any girl glow.


Image via Jade X Taylor

Spring fling.

Jennie Kwon's new collection features the loveliest, most watercolor-y palette of pale sapphires. We love that the exciting, saturated hues are also luminescent.

Shop all new Jennie Kwon, at catbirdnyc.com.

- Leigh

Inside Grey Gardens

Little Edie did crossword puzzles half-heartedly. Take a tour of what remains of the library at Grey Gardens.


Cat on a hot tin Parisian roof.

Currently in the throes of a love affair with Astier de Villatte's Rue Saint-Honoré candle, it's like the fancy French cousin of our Kitten candle. Miaow!


shop all our candles!

Catbird Dream Closet

We have a new Pinterest board to chronicle our sartorial fantasies. Includes clothing, bags, and shoes (we got jewelry covered) from designers working to ethically manufacture on a small-scale, vintage dealers, and a soupçon of Prada and other outrageous luxury to dream about. Join us!


Rochas pleated cotton and silk-blend dress via Matches

It might as well be spring.

Our new selection of John Derian is an expression of spring-come-soon wishes, a riot of greens and blooms and blossoms.

Shop the selection here.


Soaking practitioners

We endorse/practice the art of a mid day work from home snow day soak break.


bath via

A plumper fairy.

Our new Fairy Light Supreme, also affectionately known amongst us as the Zaftig Fairy Light, is true to it's name, supremely lovely. It retains all the floating, airborne magic of the Fairy Light, with a little more heft than our original Fairy Light.


Mirror mirror on the wall.

"She readjusted the poise of her black closely-feathered hat; retouched beneath it, the thick fall of her dusky hair; kept her eyes aslant no less on her beautiful averted than on her beautifully presented oval. She was dressed altogether in black, which gave her an even tone, by contrast, to her clear face and made her hair more harmoniously dark." - The Wings of the Dove, Henry James

Simone Rocha AW2017, a feast for all ages.


Notes from the Wedding Annex: The Four C’s

The basic elements of an engagement ring are commonly referred to as “Four C’s”: Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. Of the four, Cut is arguably the most considered since it directs the shape and design of the entire ring. Though the others also play a role in your decision, we always recommend focusing on the ring as a whole.

Here’s our short breakdown of each ‘C'. You can look to our guide to engagement ring shopping for more info and tips. Or make an appointment at the Catbird Wedding Annex for a one-on-one consultation with one of our specialists. You can even make your appointment a surprise!

“Cut” refers to the way the rough gem was sliced and faceted to increase its brilliance. Different cut names are a way of labeling different proportions and shapes.

There are brilliant cut diamonds, rose cut diamonds, baguette, marquise, emerald, and pear cut diamonds... just to name a few.

“Clarity” refers to how clean the stone is. All stones have natural inclusions which make them one of a kind, and there is a clarity scale in which they are graded -- from flawless FL to I3.

Even white diamonds are graded on a color scale - there are many different hues of white. The scale runs from pure white to yellow (or D to Z).

Carat with a “c” is the unit of measurement used to describe the weight of a stone. Keep in mind that carat weight does not always reflect the diameter of the stone (the stone could be taller or deeper than it is wide).

Let’s take a closer look at a few of the brilliant cut diamonds we have in our current wedding offering, available online and at the annex.

Juno is the only swan in our line of engagement rings that features a brilliant cut white diamond center stone. Shimmering and elegant, Juno is made by hand in our Brooklyn Studio. See full details here.

The Wandering Star Ring by Morphe is a white diamond engagement ring that dazzles - starry and sparkling like the night sky. See full details here.

A masterful combination of vintage style with a modern edge, The Knife’s Edge Ring by Erstwhile is the epitome of brilliance. Handmade in New York. See full details here.

• • •

Questions about the rings above? Email weddingexpert@catbirdnyc.com, we’d love to hear from you.


Dunk me.

Our signature candle line now comes in a luxurious velvety matte black vessel, and we can't stop oohing and aahing, and now I've turned my eye to a larger vessel...a luxurious velvety matte black bathtub. Oooh, aah!


photo via Domino

A tisket a tasket.

I've got my eye on this ethically-made basket.

Phoebe Basket, $38 at Shop Doen


On a winter's night.

"During the winter of 1940-41 he & Katharine read Little Women aloud. Andy called it their after-dinner mint." - from The Story of Charlotte's Web

Have I shared this here before? Quite possibly!

Oh, Emeralds!

Deep, lush emeralds completely charm us. From carved motifs found in the Mughal Empire to Queen Victoria’s famous snake head engagement ring, emeralds hold a lot of history and even an element of magic.
We rounded up a few of our current emeralds, you can find them online and at 219 Bedford Avenue.



Baldwin, and Bob, and how to feed yourself.

During lunchtime, I like to read an article, usually about literature, at the very least about someone who would make an excellent character in literature. LitHub obliges with a daily newsletter with always one, sometimes more, articles that can be consumed in less than 20 minutes and leave one feeling the good sort of full, to balance out the gluttonous sort of full you might feel after eating an entire The Big Italian (minus the meat) from Saltie.

Today's read, an interview with Raoul Peck, director of the new documentary on James Baldwin, I am  Not Your Negro.


James Baldwin and Bob Dylan, circa 1961

A habit.

I've been chain-smoking slim novels lately. I closed So Long, See You Tomorrow and opened The Accompanist (in English, not French as pictured above, I can barely make it through a Dr. Seuss in French, no more). The key to maintaining this healthy habit is to have a stack of options on the bookshelf, and to make as few plans as possible.


Kiki in kitten heels.

I hope her hair is wrapped up in a white towel, and there's a room service tray laden with coffee and toast.


Kirsten Dunst in Dior mules via Instagram

Our Small Guide on Pinky Rings

You can in fact wear jewelry on your littlest finger. The memory rings we’re known for can double as your pinky stack or for an unexpected punch, try a sized down signet ring.

We compiled our own pinky guide, for every which way you’d like to adorn yours.


Anna is wearing a 14k yellow gold mignon memory ring as a midi and the following 14k yellow gold rings rings stacked together (from top to bottom): classic hammered ring, mignon memory ring, twisted stacker ring, another classic hammered ring, tomboy ring, and another twisted stacker.

Add a personal touch with

The ultimate pinky signet ring:
(email customerservice@catbirdnyc.com with any sizing questions)

Dress me like a practical woodland nymph.

I'll wear flats, all the better for chasing love-drunk fairies around the forest. Look #32 from the Dior Couture show is a spiritual sister to the vine-covered Versace (Gianni-era) dress I dreamt of for the prom I didn't want to go to (still have the clipping of Kristy Hume wearing it in a dossier). Midsummer Night's Dream, Francesca Lia Block interviewing Tori Amos for Spin, Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Cecil Beaton's portraits of his sisters, Childcraft edition of Stories and Fables, we are the sum of our enchanted parts.


Punch-drunk love.

The doldrums of the year is always the time that I crave citrus and fragrant blooms and lipstick roses and hot pinks and brightness and pools of light. It's a nice time to generate frothy, ebullient love.

You are Magic card by Banquet Workshop, new at Catbird and catbirdnyc.com.



I really love to watch clips from 101 Dalmatians dubbed in Italian. Try it, it's delightful!

xo Leigh


Wonderful feelings:
1. Cooking something invented from ingredients tucked in cabinets. Lemons are almost always a part of this exercise.
2. Falling deeply into a book that has been tucked on a shelf for years. Hullo, Possession.


Dear Kittens,

I tend to repeat myself and I'm a little forgetful (a winning combination!), but I also know these things about myself and so I say: I am certain I have shared this image here before, but I cannot remember when or what I said, and so I will say: have a luxurious New Year's, whatever luxury might mean to you. To me, it's peace of mind. And coffee in bed.

xo Leigh

My dream came true. For real.

Criterion Collection and Turner Classic Movies have teamed up to create streaming service FilmStruck. It's been nice knowing you, if you need me, I'll be on my couch watching every movie ever.


Outrageous glow.

The beauty is almost indecent.


Lotus Flower Ring and Curved Cypress Band, by Kataoka at Catbird

Mad Hatter

I could do such fine work in this cap! The thinking, the ideas - the paillettes would spark as the synapses fired! If an Esther Williams movie were a winter cap, this be she.


Aurora Beanie by Jennifer Behr

Keeping tabs.

I really really love Instagram's new favorites tab, a delightful addition to a platform built on light-non-threatening stalking and rabbit holes. I'm very interested in that white hybrid harlequin-nightgown behind Ms. Nishimoto, and can regularly feast my eyes on it, and other favorites I've favorited. 

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